Towerrunning World Championships 2017

The Towerrunning World Championships 2017 are staged  at Canton Tower in Guangzhou on Saturday, June 17

Race Information   Overview:

Friday 18:00: Athlete Meeting, afterwards Track Inspection at Canton Tower

Saturday 9:00, Heat 1
Full Distance Race – 2601 stairs, 455 vertical meters, 85 floors (2-113, 73-96 don't exist !)
Individual time trial, Elite + Amateur runners, male and female

Saturday 12:00, Heat 2       Track         Structure
Sprint Distance Race – 1096 stairs, 166 vertical meters, outdoor stairs, 32 floors (33-65)
Individual time trial, TOP 50 runners qualify ( TOP 50 overall ), male and female

Saturday 15:00. Final
Final Race - 2601 stairs, 455 vertical meters, 85 floors  (2-113, 73-96 don't exist !)
Formula 1 style mass start, TOP 30 runners qualify ( according to final standings after Heat 1 and Heat 2, points table ), male and female

Price Money

The top 6 male and female competitors according to the final standings of the event will receive cash prizes according to the following scheme:

1st Place - 3000 EUR (each for men and women)   -   4th Place - 750 EUR (each for men and women)
2nd Place - 2000 EUR (each for men and women)   -   5th Place - 500 EUR (each for men and women)
3rd Place - 1500 EUR (each for men and women)   -   6th Place - 250 EUR (each for men and women)
Prize money is liable to 20% tax according to the local laws.

The World Championships are a regular Towerrunning Tour event with the highest possible factor of 280. All registered TWA athletes willing to take part but not fulfilling the qualification criteria have a spot in the Elite category and free race entry.


The elite start list is completed:
Female Participants
Male Participants
Live Stream on Race Day: Link

Results: Males - Females

The Days After:  
Race Report
Official Video  
                             Pictures: Towerrunning Gallery


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