Towerrunning World Council

Towerrunning World Association
The TWA with its Towerrunning World Council uniting national associations, event organizers and athletes, is the only worldwide governing body for this kind of running discipline. Currently the Towerrunning World Council consists of the three presidium members and representatives of eleven national associations. Additional members are an Athletes Spokesperson, an Events Spokesperson (to be selected) and as external task force a Database Representative. The organization is responsible for regulating and promoting stair races on a worldwide basis and for conducting the Towerrunning ranking and stair racing championships.


Daniel Cecetka Daniel Cecetka Flag of Slovakia -
Sports Director Michael Reichetzeder Michael Reichetzeder Flag of Austria Towerrunning e.U.
Marketing & Media Director
Tom van Daele Tom van Daele
Flag of USA -

National Associations Representatives

Australia Suzanne Walsham Suzanne Walsham Flag of Australia Stair Climbing Austalia
Austria Klaus Hausleitner Klaus Hausleitner Flag of Austria Towerrunning Austria
Klaudio Torres Klaudio Torres Flag of Chile Run Up Chile
Czech Republic
Martin Konvicny Martin Konvicny Flag of Czech Republic Czech Towerrunning Association
Germany Görge Heimann Görge Heimann
Flag of Germany Towerrunning Germany
Italy Yunfeng Tao Emanuele Manzi
Flag of Italy -
Mexiko Roberto Velazquez Robert Velazquez Flag of Mexico Towerrunning Mexico
Piotr Jakobik Piotr Jakobik Flag of Poland -
Slovakia Tomas Celko Tomas Celko
Flag of Slovakia Towerrunning Slovakia
Slovenia Jasmina Klancnik Jasmina Klancnik
Flag of Slovenia Towerrunning Slovenia
USA David Hanley David Hanley
Flag of USA Towerrunning USA

Athletes Spokesperson

- David Hanley Alexander Workman
Flag of Poland -

Database Responsible

- Rudolf reitberger Rudolf Reitberger
Flag of Austria -


Towerrunning e.U.

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