July 23 - Race Report - Carrera Towerrunning Trail Tlaxcala - Escalinata de los Heroes 

Mexico is a country with one of the most active Towerrunning communities worldwide and naturally there are all kinds of stair races. One of the most beautiful is the outdoor race in the historic city of Tlaxcala, where 1400 stairs have to be conquered within a 5k run. The race was held for the 3rd time, like last year it was a member event of the Towerrunning Tour and 400 participants from all ages competed and had fun.

In Tlaxcala we have the rare fact, that the municipality is full behind the event and in cooperation with the team of Towerrunning Mexico led by President Roberto Velazquez makes this a special one with extra divisions and prices for children, master and veteran categories.

In the female race we saw a clear win for Rocio Carrera Clemente, in March also champion at Torre Latino in Mexico City,  with a time of 32:03. About three minutes later Araceli Castillo Lopez crossed the finish line, followed by Masters Division winner Victoria Cocoletzi Cumatzi and the internationally experienced Maria Elisa Lopez, currently on 8th position in the TWA ranking.

Fastest male of the day was Alexis Trujillo (4th last December at the PanAmerican Championships in Bogota) clocking a winning time of 26:24. Runner up less than a minute behind was Gustavo Isaac Mendoza (9th and youngest in the actual TWA Top10) followed by Carlos Alberto Belmont. The winner of the Masters Division Daniel Balmori Gonzalez placed 12th overall and the Veterans Division champion Ignacio Manrique scored points for Mexican and TWA rankings too.

Lots of pictures from the race you can find here:

Next event in the Mexican series will be the Grand Prix Towerrunning Acapulco, a three day race in various venues of this famous resort. This is a member race of the Towerrunning Tour as well as the Mexican season final and first National Championships on December 17th in Mexico City.


July 09 - International Towerrunning Grand Prix Of Shen Yang - MOI Center - Shen Yang 

Recent statistics show that all over the world there are about 120 skyscrapers with a height of 300+ meters.More than 50 of these buildings are in China. In the list is the highest of three towers of the MOI center in Shen Yang, which is the capital of Liaoning province and the the economical and cultural center of Northeast China.

On July 9th 480 athletes showed up for the International Towerrunning Grand Prix of Shen Yang to climb the 1895 stairs of Tower 1 of MOI Center up to the observation deck on 72nd floor overcoming a vertical distance of 309 meters. Price money for all divisions was nearly 50 000 RMB. The male race was dominated by the three experienced athletes clocking sub10 times with Jiajing Ou (9:02) winning before Hongpeng Hao (9:09) and Wenbo Zeng (9:11).  Female winner was Mu Hua Jian in a time of 11:03.

The next Tour race in China will be in the South on September 24th up 72 floors and 303 meters altitude at International Fortune Center in Liu Zhou.

July 7 -  Towerrunning Tour Calendar                  

All confirmed races until the end of the year are now listed. Stay tuned, at least two other big ones will follow ...

 60  July 23 -  Carrera Towerrunning Tlaxcala - Tlaxcala - MEX
 160 September 8-10 Towerrunning 160 VBB Vienna/Brno/Bratislava
 60  September 22-24 -  Grand Prix Towerrunning - Acapulco - MEX
 80  September 23 - Run Up Praha - Praha - CZE  -  Czech Towerrunning Championships
 120 October 15 - LVM Skyrun Muenster - GER
 80  October 20 - Beh Do Neba Zilina -  Zilina - SVK - Slovakian Towerrunning Championships
 60  October 23 -  Carrera Towerrunning Pabellon M- Monterrey - MEX
 80 November 5 - SkyRise Chicago - Chicago - WFGT Towerrunning Challenge
 80 November 19 - Eureka Climb - Melbourne - AUS - Australian Championships - WFGT Towerrunning Challenge
 200 December 8 - Ascenso Torre Colpatria - Bogota
 80  December 17 -  WTC CD MX - Mexico City - MEX - Mexican Towerrunning Championships

July 3 -  Announcement Towerrunning 160  Vienna Sep 8     Brno Sep 9   Bratislava Sep 10  

Following the successful staging of the 2016 Towerrunning 200 race , the same race format will again apply for this year’s Towerrunning 160 race.  Unique to the Towerrunning Tour calendar, the event will see athletes compete in three races, across three days, in three different countries, and while the height of the towers favour the shorter distance specialists, backing up to travel and race day after day adds a certain challenge and complexity to the competition. 

The first race on Friday 8th September will see climbers racing up Vienna’s 779 steps and 150m high Danube Tower (Donauturm), Austria’s tallest building.  Saturday’s race will move to the Czech Republic, up the 700 steps of Brno’s AZ Tower, the country’s tallest building; while the final thrilling race on Sunday 10th September will be up the challenging 430 step UFO Tower in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Runners will score points at each event, with the overall highest point scorers vying for a share of the 2 000 Euro prize pool.  Prize money will be distributed to male and female winners as follows:

1st – EUR 500   2nd – EUR 300  3rd – EUR 200

 Race organizers and TWA are pleased to offer 12 travel packages comprising 100 Euro travel reimbursement, 2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast, transport between races, and free race entry ( not eligible for Austrian, Czech and Slovak athletes ). Travel packages will be awarded to TOP 50 ( July ) ranked TWA registered athletes using the official TWA elite application system. Interested athletes can apply from Monday 3 July until Sunday 6 August, 2017, 10pm Central Europe Time by emailing and

Another 25 travel packages for TWA registered athletes are also available to purchase as follows: 150 Euro for 2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast or 200 Euro for 3 nights’ accommodation with breakfast.  Both packages also include free race entry and bus transport between races. Interested athletes can apply from Monday 3 July until Sunday 20 August, 2017, 10pm Central Europe Time by emailing or Athletes applying for travel packages do not need to register for individual events. 

Non elite runners can register at, from 12 June until 3 September, 2017.

Recap 2016 : Video   Galleries:  Vienna     Brno    Bratislava  

Dear Towerrunners

Exactly one week away from the season highlight and our biggest event of all times we received our greatest defeat.
The "One Week To Go" postings were published and we had just finalised the elite start list.   Then out of the blue we got notice from Chinese authorities, that the event cannot be held this Saturday.

We have worked on this for over a year with our local partners, based among others by a cooperation agreement of VMA and TWA with the province government to organize international sports events ...
But on short notice the General Sports Administration did not issue the final approvement document:
"There are more than 60 oversea athletes will come to China and take part in the race, GSA need to do the background research to these athletes in order to prevent the potential political problem. Such as the issue not good for mainland's united."

Believe us, we feel as sad as you. This would have been a "Hell of a Race", but suddenly hell broke loose.
Towerrunning is a sport directed up. Nevertheless there are also some races with downstair sections, but with  your support step by step the TWA will overcome this setback. 

Stairs Up !

June 10 – World Championships 2017 -  Guangzhou - June 17

We have a small modification in the race mode:
Heat 1 will finish at the top too like the Final Heat. For complete information please check:
These are the challengers:
Female Participants
Male Participants

Towerrunning Trivia: Nothing historic this time: Check this Video Clip: One of the Championship participants met a prominent supporter of our sport while training at his gym - many of you surely will remember from TV ...

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