March 11 - Race Report: Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1  - Warsaw        Gallery

Ficner dominates while Łobodziński takes revenge  

Despite extremely competitive group of international stair runners, it was Polish athletes who prevailed in the Rondo 1 Run Up 2017. Piotr Łobodziński avenged his last year's loss to Christian Riedl and Anna Ficner literally dominated women's competition.

Even before the race started, everyone stressed the importance of the qualifying round. Taking into account the finals were going to be organized in the pursuit race format, those who aspired to win in Rondo 1 had only one goal - to take the 'pole position' after qualifiers. Local heroes - Piotr Łobodziński and Anna Ficner - were both in this group and they got what they wanted. Łobodziński, current Towerrunning Tour leader and World Champion, made it to the 37th floor of Rondo 1 in 3:34, beating his biggest rival Christian Riedl (GER) by nearly 6 seconds. When Tomas Celko finished in 3:38, taking the 2nd place, it became clear that Riedl would need a miracle to repeat his last year's success in Warsaw.

Meanwhile, the women's competition saw an unbelievably strong performance from Anna Ficner who won the European Champion title in Rondo 1 last year. Although she was slower than in 2016, she managed to clock 4:40, setting a gap of as much as 30 seconds to the runner-up Dominika Stelmach (POL) before the final race. If Riedl needed a miracle, only some kind of a disaster could have stripped her of another win in Warsaw.

But neither a miracle, nor a disaster happened and the final races did not make any significant changes to the standings. Łobodziński and Ficner both claimed their third titles in the 7-year-long history of Rondo 1 Run Up.

A total of 600 stair runners took part in the event. Among them, there were some Polish celebrities who traditionally climbed for a charity organization - SOS Children's Villages. As a side event, a firefighter competition was also held in Rondo 1 with 61 teams on the starting list.

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March 11 - Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1  - Warsaw        Report and Gallery coming

Top 5
Towerrunning 120

1 Anna Ficner (POL)    4:56,77
2 Dominika Stelmach (POL)  +00:34,04
3 Zuzana Krchova (CZE)  +00:40,64
4 Ewelina Pisarek (POL)  +00:47,56
5 Lenka Svabikova (CZE)  +00:52,55

1 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL)   3:36,69
2 Tomas Celko (SVK)  +00:12,08
3 Christian Riedl (GER)  +00:17,87
4 Stefan Stefina (SVK)  +00:29,75
5 Tomas Macecek (CZE)  +00:32,59

March 5 - Race Report:  Carrera Torre Latino - Mexico City        Gallery coming

Torre Latino is an iconic building in downtown Mexico City. Built in 1956 it was the first skyscraper in Latin America and is a worthy venue for the yearly final of the Mexican Towerrunning series. Athletes have to climb 42 floors with 720 stairs and almost 500 took the challenge again on March 5. The race traditionally is part of the TWA Towerrunning Tour and the World Federation of Great Towers WFGT Towerrunning Challenge. There are invitations for elite athletes and price money not only for the fastest overall racers, but for Master and Veteran categories too.

There was no surprise in the male race. The Colombian favourite Frank Nicolas Carreno, recently crowned Pan-American Towerruning Champion in his hometown Bogota, proved to be too strong for his contenders. His 3:22, exactly 20 seconds  faster than last year , made him undisputed champion again. More excitement was in the race for the runner up spot between the fastest two home athletes. Finally Alexis Trujillo made it in 3:39 beating Gustavo Isaac Mendoza by one second – a year ago their times would have meant victory. The fastest Masters athlete was Görge Heimann from Germany and Ignacio Manrique took the Veterans title.

Only two seconds made the difference at the females. Rocio Carrera Clemente from Mexico City, a newcomer to the Towerrunning community, had the better ending and won the race with a new course record of 4:50. Also faster than the old record US Towerrunning legend Cindy Harris like last year had to be content with the runner up place in 4:52. The podium was completed by another Mexican, Maria Elisa Lopez with a time of 5:10.  

Like in the past two years we  experienced a great event, organized in a proven way by Pedro Fossas representing the tower and Roberto Velezquez, President of Towerrunning Mexico, with his team. 

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March 5 - Top 3 Carrera Torre Latino  - Mexico City        Report and Gallery coming

Top 3
Towerrunning 120 - WFGT Towerrunning Challenge

1 Rocio Carrera (MEX) 4:48
2 Cindy Harris (USA) 4:51
3 Maria Elisa Lopez (MEX) 5:09

1 Frank Nicolas Carreno (COL) 3:22
2 Alexis Trujillo (MEX) 3:39
3 Gustavo Isaac Mendoza (MEX) 3:40


February 26 - Race Report: Scale The Strat  - Las Vegas -  US National Championships

The 2017 US championship at the Stratosphere was another spectacular event. With a very strong field lining up the question on everyone’s mind was, would the course record of 7:05 be broken after years of assaults by the very best climbers? Race fans were not disappointed, as canadian Shaun Stephens-Whale won, setting a new record with a time of 7:03.  Coming in second was US climber Justin Stewart with a 7:27, and rounding out the podium was Ralf Hascher (GER) with a 7:34. Filling out the second men’s podium was world #8 Gustavo Isaac Mendoza (MEX) in 7:39, US points champion Alex Workman in 7:45, and Florida powerhouse Thomas Scott in 8:03.

On the women’s side, the astounding Cindy Harris continued her amazing year, cruising to victory with a 8:30.  In second place, fresh off her incredible debut at empire was Meg Santanna with a 9:34.  In third was Julie-Rae Steinmeyer with a 10:09.  In fourth place was Christine Soskins.  Fresh off breaking the old men’s course record at Utah’s 6 hour climb less than a day earlier, she put down an excellent time of 10:30. Finishing off the second podium was Seattle’s Amy Brown with a 10:35 and local Jessica Pickett with a 10:35. With 617 finishers the race set new records for number of participants and funds raised for the American Lung Association.

February 21 - Announcement of Valtellina Vertical Tube Race - Sondrio

The Towerrunning 80 race will be held at Valtellina Tube ( Sondrio ) on Saturday April 8, 2017. Valtellina Vertical Tube race will see athletes climb “the toughest Kilometer of the World”. The race consists of 2713 steps, for a total climb of 500 meters altitude and an exact distance of 880 meters.

There will be 4 200 Euro in prize money waiting for the best runners. Prize money will be distributed to male and female athletes as follows:1st - 500 Euro, 2nd - 400 Euro, 3rd - 300 Euro, 4th - 250 Euro, 5th - 200 Euro, 6th – 150 Euro7th – 100 Euro, 8th – 100 Euro, 9th – 50 Euro, 10th – 50 Euro

TWA and the organizer of Valtellina Vertical Tube race are pleased to announce travel packages for 4 athletes comprising of 2 nights accommodation including breakfast and free race registration for further 10 athletes.  Travel packages will be awarded to TWA registered athletes with TOP 50 ranking. Interested athletes can apply from February 22 until March 1, 2017, 10 pm  CET
 by emailing and

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