January 13  – Race Report Towerrunning Tour Final 2017 - Changsha             Gallery    Statistics

This second Saturday of the beginning year 2018 set a marker in the Towerrunning chronicles. On January 13th, 2018 Tour races on three continents were held ! Tallinn in Europe and the Dallas Vert Mile in the Americas started the new season, while in the Chinese Changsha many top athletes gathered for the 2017 Tour Final. It was a very important event for TWA and after the too good known setback in June the second succesful big race in China within 6 weeks.

Changsha, the capital of the province Hunan, is the home town of the organizing company iSPORTSX and as venue they chose the highest already finished building in town. Data differ in the various skyscraper compendiums, but definitely among the Top10 in Changsha the unfinished buildings outnumber the finished ones and finalized this year will be the new record holder, 450 m  high IFS Tower waiting for a race .....

Invited to the final event have been the respective Top 8 of the November ranking and nearly all of them came. But because Cindy Harris and Melisa Lopez were already committed to Dallas it was clear before the race that Suzy Walsham would finish the season as Number 1 for the 6th time in a row and for the 7th time overall. Yet the race brought a major surprise, as the only female sub7 was not Suzy, but Czech athlete Zuzana Krchova beating the favourize by 4 seconds ! Third place went to Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik from Poland (7:29) just three seconds faster than Alice McNamara (AUS). The fastest home athlete was Muhua Jian on 5 before Mexican Rocio Carrera placing strong 6th on her first race outside her home country. Exactly on 7th, the place she needed too overtake Cindy Harris for the runner up spot in the season ranking, was Lenka Svabikova. She set another mark on this weekend, as she flew to Italy immediately after the race and so was the first participating on two continents within one weekend. And Lenka won the Latina Vertical Sprint ! The other Changsha racer winning on Sunday was Cindy Reid. After her 3rd win in a row there she even bungy-jumped down Macau Tower !

 "All Piotr" was the guideline in the male season. With his 19th race win of the year the Polish athlete demonstrated again his dominance reflected by more than five years of continuous leadership in the ranking. The runner up position in the season end ranking of absent Frank Carreno (COL) was out of reach for German Christian Riedl, but his 2nd place in Changsha made him No. 3 for 2017 agains some others contenders. Very strong raced the Chinese athletes with Wenbo Zeng 3rd, Liangliang He 4th and Jiajing Ou 6th. And German Evergreen Goerge Heimann finished 5th and so managed to finish the eventful 2017 season in a personal best 4th position.

January 13  – Race Report Dallas Vert Mile -  Reunion Tower - Dallas 

Tower running legends Terry Purcell and Cindy Harris took double wins and set blistering new records at the 2018 Dallas Vert Mile.  
Purcell, of Springfield, IL, shattered Jason Larson’s 2017 record in the Vert Sprint race by 14 seconds to become to first person to climb Reunion Tower in less than four minutes.  His time of 3:58 topped runner up John “Oz” Osborn who finished 4:13 while last year’s winner Jason Larson took third in 4:15.  
The athletes raced up 50 stories and 470 vertical feet of stairs.  
In the women’s Vert Sprint race, Cindy Harris of Indianapolis, IN soared to a new woman’s record of 4:46 to beat runner up Stephanie Hucko of Charlotte, NC and Jessica Pickett of Enid, OK.  Hucko also finished in less than five minutes by clocking in at 4:59 while Pickett finished in 5:13.  
Noted endurance athlete and tower racing newcomer Tracie Akerhielm of Cedar Hill, TX missed the podium by just one second with her time of 5:14.  
In the men's full Vert Mile, four men finished 12 laps up the tower and 5,640 vertical feet in less an hour, something no one had done previously.  
Purcell again led the way with a time of 55:56.  Alex Workman, of Schenectady, NY, took second in 57:23.  Jason Larson, of Golden Valley, MN, rounded out the top three with a time of 58:45.  Harrison Keiffer of Dallas, TX, also snuck in under the hour mark at 59:35. 
On the women’s side, Harris flew up the stairs with a time of 1:02:12 to set a new woman’s course record by a whopping nine minutes.  Pickett again came in second at 1:05:42, and Sabrina Little of Robinson, TX came in third at 1:07:04.  
Akerhielm took another fourth-place finish by finishing the full Vert Mile in a time of 1:09:54.  
Competitors in the full Vert Mile were only timed going up.  So while the clock stopped while they rode the elevators down, all athletes had to finish the race within two-and-a-half hours of when then started.  
This year’s Dallas Vert Mile included four of the top five male and female tower runners in the United States as well as many other nationally ranked stair climbers.  

January 15  – Announcement Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1 -  Warsaw on February 24

TWA is proud to announce the first Towerrunning 120 race on European soil this year. On Saturday, February 24th, 2018  the 8th edition of the Bieg Na Szczyt  will be staged at Rondo 1 in Warsaw. The race will consist of 2 heats, qualification round and a final for 10 best runners from the qualification round. Runners will climb 38 floors and 836 stairs to the finish line.

This year's race will be held in the afternoon again instead of the morning as in past editions. Elite runners will be competing for a share in 1 200 Euro prize pool awarded to the top 3 placed male and female competitors. Prize money will be distributed to male and female winners as follows:   1st – 300 Euro, 2nd – 200 Euro, 3rd – 100 Euro  The race organizer and the TWA are pleased to offer travel packages for 8 ( eight ) athletes comprising 150 Euro travel reimbursement and 1 night of accommodation including breakfast.

5 ( five ) of these packages will be awarded to TOP 20 ranked TWA registered athletes in the December 2017 ranking update using the official TWA Elite application system. 3 ( three ) packages will be raffled among applicants ranked TOP 50 in the December 2017 ranking update. Interested athletes can apply from Jaruary 15 until January 21, 2018,  10 pm CET by emailing and All TWA registered athletes without invitation will get free race entry and a place in the Elite group if they decide to participate.

January 13-14  –  Oulempia Double Run Up - Latina Vertical Sprint 

On this second weekend of the new year the Towerrunning Tour 2018 started in Europe too, with two "sprint races".

In the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, one of the hot spots of the sport in Europe ( 6 races in the 2017 season) the Ouelempia Double Run Up brought another victory for coorganizer Rauno Tiits, female winner was Piret Pöldsaar. Good news from Estonia is, that the founding of a national association is in progress and hopefully we see the inaugural National Championships at the country's most traditional race, the Teletorni Trepijooks at the TV Tower on April 1.

An already established member race of the Towerrunning Tour is the Latina Vertical Sprint in Italy. At the 5th edition of this attractive race with outdoor finish we saw comfortable wins for the favourites Fabio Ruga and Lenka Svabikova. The Czech winner made for an unusual premiere in our sport. She traveled to Latina immediately after finishing 7th at the Tour Final in Changsha and thus securing runner up position in the 2017 ranking so becoming the first ever athlete finishing two stair races within a weekend on two different continents !

January 13  – Towerrunning Tour Final 2017 - Changsha             Gallery

Tour winners of 2017 are again Suzanne Walsham (AUS) and Piotr Lobodzinski (POL).

Top 6 of Changsha Final:

Zuzana Krchova (CZE)  6:59         1      Piotr Lobodzinski (POL)    5:48
Suzanne Walsham (AUS)  7:03        2               Christian Riedl (GER   5:51
Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik (POL)  7:29                 3      Wenbo Zheng (CHN)    5:57                                
Alice McNamara  (AUS) 7:32          4          Liangliang He (CHN)    6:03
Muhua Jian (CHN)    7:38                          5              Goerge Heimann  (GER)    6:07
     Rocio Carrera (MEX)    7:43      6               Jiajing OU (CHN)    6:12

December 29  – Announcement Olümpia Double Run Up -  Tallinn - January 13, 2018


The Towerrunning Tour 2018 starts on three continents. In Europe there is a Trial 60, the first ever Tour race in Estonia.

Race venue is the Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia at Liivalaia 33, 10118. Tallinn.
Start is 11:00 am - the 26 floors with 570 stairs have to be climbed two times.

Race entry is free for registered TWA athletes.The hotel offers a special accomodation package of 80€ per night (both single and double). Included breakfast buffet, sport club entry and late check out. Info


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