February 24:  Race Report - Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1 - Warsaw            Pics  -  More Pics   -  Video

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. (Martin Luther King, Jr)


Poland’s Rondo 1 race is every year a highlight in the Towerrunning sport. Since 8 years people from all around the globe are coming to this event. With several well-organized live broadcasts, race views from the start, stairway and finish, interviews, after-race-video etc. - it is certainly presenting the Towerrunning sport in a bright light. Firemen, kids, elite runners and the regular jogger – they were all present to take the challenge. 26% of 636 participants were female, which shows that the sport still has left a lot of room for development in the female category. In Warsaw, the 10 fastest women / men qualify for another round, the final heat.


Unlike to another big sport event, which took place the days before, the Towerrunning sport is welcoming people from all nations and cultures to their events, without excluding anybody because of their origin. Sport can be a tool to connect people from worldwide and be an example to get along well with each other, although they are competing against each other.


Lobodzinski made his 4th win this year in the male category, followed by Riedl and Stefina. The German male runners were exceptionally present with 6 athletes, 3 of them made it into the top 10. 

Zuzana Krchova made here first win here, by improving her time from last year by 30 seconds. In the first run the 2nd place went to Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik, who’s getting closer to her former shape. Only a blink of an eye, 0,6 seconds behind her, on the 3rd position was the winner from last year, Anna Ficner. In the final Ficner switched places with Wisniewska and conquered the 2nd place.


We congratulate all participants for their achievements. At the end it is a competition you against you. Next stop of the Towerrunning Tour will be in Paris at Eiffel tower. (RH).

February 24:  Top 7 - Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1 - Warsaw

1 Zuzana Krchova (CZE)
2 Anna Ficner (POL)
3 Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik (POL)
4 Iwona Wicha (POL)
5 Sarah Frost (GBR)
6 Sylwia Bondara (POL)
7 Sonja Shakespeare (GBR)

1 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL)
2 Christian Riedl (GER)
3 Stefan Stefina (SVK)
4 Goerge Heimann (GER)
5 Michal Kovac (SVK)
6 Piotr Mroz (POL)
7 Mateusz Marunowski (POL)

February 7:  Race Report - Empire State Building Run Up  - New York       Pictures by James Harris

In the New York City winter there is one day when many people, some of them "media-equipped" gather at night on top of the town's most iconic building. It is first February Wednesday, it is race day and they are waiting for the runners of the Empire State Building Run Up. Starting in the lobby the athletes arrive in the open on the 86th floor terrace after 1596 stairs and conquering 326 m altitude.

It was the 41st edition on February 7, 2018 and it is the right time to look back into the ESBRU archives to the "median" race of 1998. We notice as winners a certain Cindy Moll from Indianapolis with a time of 14:17 and a certain Terry Purcell from Australia with 10:49.

Since last year for the elite heats it is males first. There was only one previous winner in the line up, Terry Purcell ! Now US citizen last year he has resumed his stair career. Before the many year lasting break he had set some records in the Chicago area and in 2018 already had won the Dallas Vert Mile and AON. Terry is back to the top - 12:47 meant 7th place after Italy's Fabio Ruga (12:31). Experience with the top has 5th place David Roeske (12:26) too, even on highest level - as two times he has climbed Mount Everest. 2006 Sproule Love won his first podium spot, this time for the 3rd time he placed 3rd with a time of 12:10, a mere second before Germany's Ralf Hascher. Besides racing Ralf organized a FB Live stream too, supported by KC Kennedy - Thanks ! Not entirely unexpected second place went to Belgian executive officer Omar Bekkali in 11:53; he had been 2nd in 2011 and 3rd a year later. And the winner ? At his Empire premiere Frank Nicolas Carreno won in 10:50. For the Colombian from Bogota this was the most prestigious of his many wins and an "easy" one compared to his latest in his home race at Colpatria 2 months ago.

Ranking leader Suzy Walsham for a record 9th time crowned herself Empire Queen. In 12:56 she stormed to her 6th win in a row, exactly 20 seconds faster than Cindy Harris. Yes, the same Cindy, that won the 1998 race ! In 2018 1 min and 1 sec faster than at this first of 4 wins it meant the 16th podium for a never aging athlete. Held in form by her three children Long Island runner Shari Klarfeld claimed 3rd place in 13:43, not her first podium here. Mexican Melisa Lopez was strong 4th (14:17), whereas the Charlotte racers with podium experience, Stephanie Hucko and Meg Santanna placed 5th and 6th this year. In sum four Ladies from "Queen City" were among the Top12 ! Christine Soskins from California was on 7 with 14:55.

Statistics last: There was onely one twen athlete among Top 10, 27 year old Champion Frank Carreno ! The average age of the Ladies was 44,6 years and 39,5 years for the male Top10 athletes !

February 7:  Top 7 - Empire State Building Run Up  - New York       Pictures by James Harris

1 - Suzy Walsham (AUS) 12:56
2 - Cindy Harris (USA) 13:16
3 - Shari Klarfeld (USA) 13:43
4 - Maria Elisa Lopez (MEX) 14:17
5 - Stephanie Hucko (USA) 14:19
6 - Meg Santanna (USA) 14:50

1 - Frank Nicolas Carreno (COL) 10:50
2 - Omar Bekkali (BEL) 11:53
3 - Sproule Love (USA) 12:10
4 - Ralf Hascher (GER)  12:11
5 - David Roeske (USA) 12:26
6 - Fabio Ruga (ITA) 12:31
7 - Terry Purcell (USA) 12:47

January 27 - Towerrunning World Championships 2018 - Qualification Criteria  

99 Days to go

On May 5, 2018 the famous Taipei 101 will host the 2nd Towerrunning World Champiopnships.

There will be 30 invitations for elite athletes - check the Qualification Criteria
There will be two heats and it will be an early morning event - more info to follow soon.

All registered TWA athletes willing to take part but not fulfilling the qualification criteria will get a spot in the elite category and free race entry !

Stairs up!

January 13  – Race Report Towerrunning Tour Final 2017 - Changsha             Gallery    Statistics

This second Saturday of the beginning year 2018 set a marker in the Towerrunning chronicles. On January 13th, 2018 Tour races on three continents were held ! Tallinn in Europe and the Dallas Vert Mile in the Americas started the new season, while in the Chinese Changsha many top athletes gathered for the 2017 Tour Final. It was a very important event for TWA and after the too good known setback in June the second succesful big race in China within 6 weeks.

Changsha, the capital of the province Hunan, is the home town of the organizing company iSPORTSX and as venue they chose the highest already finished building in town. Data differ in the various skyscraper compendiums, but definitely among the Top10 in Changsha the unfinished buildings outnumber the finished ones and finalized this year will be the new record holder, 450 m  high IFS Tower waiting for a race .....

Invited to the final event have been the respective Top 8 of the November ranking and nearly all of them came. But because Cindy Harris and Melisa Lopez were already committed to Dallas it was clear before the race that Suzy Walsham would finish the season as Number 1 for the 6th time in a row and for the 7th time overall. Yet the race brought a major surprise, as the only female sub7 was not Suzy, but Czech athlete Zuzana Krchova beating the favourize by 4 seconds ! Third place went to Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik from Poland (7:29) just three seconds faster than Alice McNamara (AUS). The fastest home athlete was Muhua Jian on 5 before Mexican Rocio Carrera placing strong 6th on her first race outside her home country. Exactly on 7th, the place she needed too overtake Cindy Harris for the runner up spot in the season ranking, was Lenka Svabikova. She set another mark on this weekend, as she flew to Italy immediately after the race and so was the first participating on two continents within one weekend. And Lenka won the Latina Vertical Sprint ! The other Changsha racer winning on Sunday was Cindy Reid. After her 3rd win in a row there she even bungy-jumped down Macau Tower !

 "All Piotr" was the guideline in the male season. With his 19th race win of the year the Polish athlete demonstrated again his dominance reflected by more than five years of continuous leadership in the ranking. The runner up position in the season end ranking of absent Frank Carreno (COL) was out of reach for German Christian Riedl, but his 2nd place in Changsha made him No. 3 for 2017 agains some others contenders. Very strong raced the Chinese athletes with Wenbo Zeng 3rd, Liangliang He 4th and Jiajing Ou 6th. And German Evergreen Goerge Heimann finished 5th and so managed to finish the eventful 2017 season in a personal best 4th position.

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