January 13-14  –  Oulempia Double Run Up - Latina Vertical Sprint 

On this second weekend of the new year the Towerrunning Tour 2018 started in Europe too, with two "sprint races".

In the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, one of the hot spots of the sport in Europe ( 6 races in the 2017 season) the Ouelempia Double Run Up brought another victory for coorganizer Rauno Tiits, female winner was Piret Pöldsaar. Good news from Estonia is, that the founding of a national association is in progress and hopefully we see the inaugural National Championships at the country's most traditional race, the Teletorni Trepijooks at the TV Tower on April 1.

An already established member race of the Towerrunning Tour is the Latina Vertical Sprint in Italy. At the 5th edition of this attractive race with outdoor finish we saw comfortable wins for the favourites Fabio Ruga and Lenka Svabikova. The Czech winner made for an unusual premiere in our sport. She traveled to Latina immediately after finishing 7th at the Tour Final in Changsha and thus securing runner up position in the 2017 ranking so becoming the first ever athlete finishing two stair races within a weekend on two different continents !

January 13  – Towerrunning Tour Final 2017 - Changsha             Gallery

Tour winners of 2017 are again Suzanne Walsham (AUS) and Piotr Lobodzinski (POL).

Top 6 of Changsha Final:

Zuzana Krchova (CZE)  6:59         1      Piotr Lobodzinski (POL)    5:48
Suzanne Walsham (AUS)  7:03        2               Christian Riedl (GER   5:51
Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik (POL)  7:29                 3      Wenbo Zheng (CHN)    5:57                                
Alice McNamara  (AUS) 7:32          4          Liangliang He (CHN)    6:03
Muhua Jian (CHN)    7:38                          5              Goerge Heimann  (GER)    6:07
     Rocio Carrera (MEX)    7:43      6               Jiajing OU (CHN)    6:12

December 29  – Announcement Olümpia Double Run Up -  Tallinn - January 13, 2018


The Towerrunning Tour 2018 starts on three continents. In Europe there is a Trial 60, the first ever Tour race in Estonia.

Race venue is the Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia at Liivalaia 33, 10118. Tallinn.
Start is 11:00 am - the 26 floors with 570 stairs have to be climbed two times.

Race entry is free for registered TWA athletes.The hotel offers a special accomodation package of 80€ per night (both single and double). Included breakfast buffet, sport club entry and late check out. Info


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December 17  – Race Report  Carrera Towerrunning WTC -  Mexico City

María Elisa Pimentel and Alexis Trujillo won the first place in the first edition of the Towerrunning World Trade Center CDMX race with 42 floors 868 steps to finish the 2017 National Towerruning Championship.

Maria Elisa stopped the clock with 5.40 minutes, second place Araceli Castillo with a time of 5:51 minutes and third ended Jessica Vélez with 6:04, Tania Reyes León fourth place with 6:09 and comeback to run this race the mexican 2010 world sub-champion towerrunner Sandra Nuñez with 6:22 and fifth place.

At 07:30 hours the race started in one of the emblematic buildings of the Mexican capital. 300 towerrunners ran the first classifying heat. only 30 competitors won their place to the final. In this second stage  the positions on the podium were decided.  Also some blind participants attended.

Lopez Pimentel entered first with a time of 5:26 minutes, to be the first in the second F1-type start, in the same way, Araceli Castillo, who ultimately finished in the second place, let their rivals go to the front and close to the 25th floor they left everything. They demanded the legs and they exploded the heart. Maria Elisa Lopez, who is the third best in the world in this type of tests, took the lead, breathing accelerated and each step meant a strenuous obstacle to pass to get in first place and prove to be the best Mexican runner of 2017.

 Meanwhile, Alexis Trujillo, was the best of the contest to stop the clock in 4:17 minutes, which left in the second place to Gustavo Mendoza, with a time of 4:28. The third place went to Jesús Raya, with 4:45 minutes; the fourth, for Isaac Escobar, with 4:52; while the foreigner, the American Matthew Baker, finished in fifth place, with 5:01.

At the first heat Alexis had qualified in third place, with 4:50 minutes; while Mendoza, marked the best time of the tie with 4:27, which meant that in the final he had to improve and enter first, however, in the second hit (finish) the legs did not respond and as he moved along the route and floor to floor he felt that the legs were breaking and the lungs were breaking into small pieces. In turn, Trujillo began to climb with more strength the stairs and from the 30th floor he went with everything. On the 42nd floor he saw how the goal was his and entered with a rictus of effort on his face and with his eyes almost exorbitant. But in the end that was worth it to confirm his level in the 2017 National Towerrunning Championship.

December 12 -Towerrunning World Championships 2018 announcement we go with the news !!!

Xmas present in advance...TWA is proud to announce the Towerrunning World Championships 2018

They will take place on May 5, 2018 at the famous Taipei 101 in Taipei.More information about the qualification criteria, race mode and all important race details will follow up soon...                  

The World Championships are a regular Towerrunning Tour event with the highest possible factor of 280.All registered TWA athletes willing to take part but not fulfilling the qualification criteria will get a spot in the Elite category and free race entry.

Post it, share it, spread the news….

Stairs up!

December 8: Race Report -  Towerrunning 200 -  Bogota - Ascenso Torre Colpatria   

It is a great tradition in the Colombian capital of Bogota. It starts the night before. The streets in Bogota's International Center are really crowded and joyful people watch the impressive fireworks on top of Torre Colpatria .Next morning a few thousands of them climb the tower. This December 8th showed the 13th edition of Ascenso Torre Colpatria. This race is the most important event of the Towerrunning Tour on American soil. Organized by Correcaminos Colombia it combines world class sports and charity. supporting children with Operacion Sonrisa.

It is a well documented fact, that In international sports home athletes have some advantage over participants from other countries. But seldom this is proven so clearly as at Ascenso Torre Colpatria. Nearly all the greats of Towerrunning have tried at least once, but at the 12 editions before all the podium ranks were occupied by Colombians ! Main factor for sure is the 2700m altitude.

On race morning the weather forecast was not the best (heavy rain would make the outdoor final on the helipad impossible), but it held and we had a premiere. Cindy did it ! In her third decade of highest level stair racing the Indianapolis runner proved her recent top form and made it 1-2-3 in a few weeks. 12th win at SkyRise Chicago on Nov 5, 2nd place at the indoor altitude record race in Shanghai on Nov 25 and now 3rd and first Non Colombian on podium in Bogota.

With a time of 6:28 Liliana Moreno defended her title. It was the 6th win for the cyclist at Colpatria, three of those in elite, two in open and one in youth category. Runner up like last year was Ginary Camargo more than 20 seconds behind Liliana and 3 faster than Cindy.

More tension brought the male race. Despite all his recent success at international level Ascenso Torre Colpatria is the most important race for Frank Carreno. There were two strong contenders this year; the Olympic team athlete Nicolas Herrera and at his comeback at Colpatria the multiple winner and still record holder Juan Pablo Rangel. On top we saw a very happy and relieved Frank  securing his 4th win with a time of 5:06 just  one second faster than Herrera and Rangel in 5:13 not far behind too. "It becomes  more difficult every year." the old and new champioon stated, an opinion shared by Moreno. You can say even now, that the 14th edition on December 8, 2018 will be very interesting !

 Video from Win Sports TV (more than 2 hours)

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