March 2 – Announcement Towerrunning 120 -  Climb & Run for Wilderness - Calgary APR 23

The 2016 Towerrunning Tour and WFGT Towerrunning Challenge returns to North America on Saturday 23th April for the Climb and Run for Wilderness event up Calgary Tower in Alberta, Canada. The event, in its 25th year, is one of the oldest Towerrunning events in North America and is held every year on the weekend closest to Earth Day as a charity fundraising event that helps fund and promote environmental and wilderness conservation in Alberta.

The Towerrunning 120 race is unique in the tour combining the 1 km prerun and a single climb up the 52 floors and 802 steps.  The race organizer offer a 1 200 Euro in prize money for the three best male and female runners. “This Earth Day event has long been one of the most fun and exciting outings on Calgary’s social calendar”, said race organiser Sean Nichols from the Alberta Wilderness Society, “We’ve long known about what a special day it is for competitors, family and spectators, and we’re thrilled to welcome climbers from around the world to Calgary”.

Climb for Wilderness and the TWA are pleased to announce travel packages for 4 athletes comprising 300 Euro travel reimbursement and 2 night’s of accommodation. The travel packages will be awarded to TOP 30 ranked applicants in February ranking using the official TWA elite application system. Application period starts from March 2 until March 13, 2016 at 10 pm CET by emailing and

March 12  – Top 6 Towerrunning European  Championships 2016 - Warsaw 

1 Anna Ficner (POL) 214
2 Iwona Wicha (POL) 156
3 Zuzana Krchova (CZE) 156
4 Lenka Svabikova (CZE) 144
5 Dominica Wisniewska-Ulfik (POL) 125
6 Dominica Stelmach (POL) 95

1 Christian Riedl (GER) 228
2 Piotr Lobodzinski (Pol) 180
3 Fabio Ruga (ITA) 174
4 Stefan Stefina (SVK) 164
5 Tomas Celko (SVK) 156
6 Matjaz Miklosa (SLO) 130

March 9  – Preview - Towerrunning European  Championships 2016 - Warsaw MAR 12

The eyes of the Towerrunning community are set on the Polish capital Warsaw this weekend. In the past years Bieg Na Szczyt  Rondo 1 has become a very popular event on the local running scene. As for  the  races in the last years at this coming 6th edition the participation limit of 500 athletes was reached within an hour after opening of the online registration. But on March 12, 2016  there is more !

Besides being  a big event on  national  level  the Rondo 1 Run Up from the beginning has attracted  strong international  contenders too and has reached the undisputed status of being the most important  stair race  in Eastern Europe. Encouraged  by  the overwhelming  success  in the first five years the  organizing  team around Towerrunning World Council member Piotr Jakobik  from the Warsaw  based sports marketing agency Sport Evolution  applied  for staging  the 3rd Towerrunning European Championships 2016, an event  awarded  by  the Towerrunning World Association every two years to a different host organizer.

Instead of the traditional qualification  round  and  a pursuit  final heat the 2016 Championship race consists of three heats in time trial format: Sprint (19 floors) - Full (38 floors) - Final (38 floors). The  final result is the point sum of these three heats, each evaluated according  to  the  standard TWA  80 Scoring  Matrix.

Among the very strong participant  field the man to beat  definitely  is  Piotr Lobodzinski, the undisputed TWA ranking leader. Among the usual suspects chasing  him, on a good day people like Tomas Celko (SVK), Christian Riedl (GER), Matjaz Miklosa (SLO) or Tomas  Macecek (CZE) might beat him. Another home athlete, Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik is the favourite in the women’s race, with Lenka Svabikova (CZE) being the biggest threat for her. Another Czech runner Zuzana  Krchova or Jana  Zatlukalova (SVK) are very competitive too. Male Dark horse is home athlete Bartosz Swiatkowski, who had  to skip last season  due to injury, but is on the comeback trail and he already knows the feeling to beat Piotr at Rondo 1 ! And being a proud father since a few days ago  might give him an extra motivation too. Looking at the females there still is the mini chance that Austrian stair legend  Andrea Mayr on short range leaves her Olympic marathon training camp in Italy for a  quick trip to Warsaw.

The  Polish  favourites  Dominika  and  Piotr  have  one thing in common. Both placed runner up at Rondo 1 in 2013 and both won the race in 2014 and 2015 !  And looking back at Towerrunning European Championship history at the 2012 premiere  in  Frankfurt both titles went to athletes from the organizing country. In the 3 Countries-ECH  two years Andrea Mayr  from one of the host countries won. Defending male champion is Piotr Lobodzinski. These two athletes are reigning TWA World Champions too.

We look forward to an exciting Saturday  full of emotions, when the Towerrunning community including nearly all the top ranked  athletes as well as many other event organizers, will celebrate the new European Champions in Warsaw.

March 6  -   Race Report: Carrera Vertical Torre Latino - Mexico City         Gallery

Latin Americans revelled in the high altitude air again at Sunday’s Towerrunning 120 and WFGT Challenge race, the Colombians Frank Carreňo winning the elite men’s race and Maria Eugenia Rodriguez taking the elite women’s crown. The race, up the 42 floors and 720 steps of the Torre Latinoamericana, a landmark on the Mexico City skyline, was always going to be tough, with the race finishing at an air-gasping altitude of 2,400 m above sea level, and the stairwell narrow and steep.
Despite the presence of strong European and local competitors, Carreňo, a multiple winner of Bogota's Ascenso Torre Colpatria, stormed to victory in a 3 min 42 sec. “I am very happy I could come to Mexico to compete, and the race had a great atmosphere”, said Carreňo. Second place went to best Mexican Gustavo Mendoza in 3 min 42 sec, with another local hero Oscar Caltenco in 4 min 04sec, narrowly beating 4th placed German Gorge Heimann by only a 1 second. The women’s elite race was highlighted by a new course record set by Colombian Maria Eugenia Gomez winning in a swift 4 min 53 sec. „ Setting a new course record makes my win even sweeter“ said delighted Gomez. Second place took the experienced Cindy Harris from USA  in 5 min 17 sec. And the best local runner  Esteffany Paredes claimed 3rd place in 5min 29sec.
"We were thrilled to have Torre Latinoamericana join the Towerrunning Tour and the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge this year and it was great to see the success of Mexican runners competing with the world bests, it was just a great sunday morning! " says Towerrunning Mexico president Roberto Velazquez.

March 2 – Announcement Towerrunning 160 -  Taipei 101 Run Up - Taipei MAY 1

The first 2016 Towerrunning 160 race and WFGT Towerrunning Challenge event in Asia will kick off on May 1st with the 12th edition of the Taipei 101 Run Up.  The building is a landmark super tall skyscraper in the Xinyi district of Taipei and until 2010 was the world’s tallest building, reaching 508m to the top of the spire.  Construction started in 1999 and the height of 101 floors commemorates the renewal of time: the new century that arrives as the tower was built (100+1) and all the new years that follow (1 January = 1-01).   

The race is regarded by stair runners as one of the toughest single building climbs in the world, with the height of the stairs, together with the height of the building, resulting in an overall punishing climb.   Although the highest occupied floor is 438m above ground, runners will “only” have to climb the 2,046 steps to the outdoor observation deck on level 91, 391 metres above ground.  Course records by two of the all-time great towerrunners, Paul Crake (AUS) and Andrea Mayr (AUT), still stand after almost 10 years at 10mins29sec and 12min38sec respectively. The race organizer offer a 4 000 Euro in prize money for the three best male and female runners.

Taipei 101 and the TWA are pleased to announce travel packages for 6 athletes comprising 400 Euro travel reimbursement and 2 nights’ accommodation.  For 4 additional TWA-registered Asian athletes, 1 night accommodation will also be offered.  Travel packages will be awarded to TOP 50 ranked TWA registered athletes in February ranking using the official TWA elite application system.  Interested athletes can apply from March 2 until March 16 at 10pm Central European time by emailing and

February 22 – Announcement Towerrunning 120 -  WTC Trappenloop - Almere APR 1

On Friday, April 1, 2016  ( not a joke :)) the 5th edition of the WTC Trappenloop will be staged in the World Trade Center Almere. WTC Almere is the tallest building in the region measuring 120 meters, 33 floors and exactly 600 stairs. After hosting the last two years a Premium Race, this year it will be the first Towerrunning 120 race on the European soil. The Elite heats starts at 18:30 and the race organizer offer a 1 200 Euro in prize money for the three best male and female runners.

The race organizer Start2Finish and the TWA are pleased to offer travel packages for 6 athletes comprising 200 Euro travel reimbursement and 1 night accommodation including breakfast. Four of these packages will be awarded to TOP 30 ranked TWA registered athletes using the official TWA Elite application system. Two packages will be raffled among applicants ranked TOP 50 in the January 2016 ranking update. Interested athletes can apply from February 22 until February 29, 2016, 10 pm CET by emailing and

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