July 28 - Qualification Criteria  Towerrunning Pan-American Championships in Bogota on Dec 8    

The first ever Towerrunning Pan-American Championships will take place on December 8, 2016 in Bogota, Torre Colpatria ( Carrera Ascenso Torre Colpatria ). The Pan-American Championships are organized as a joint project of the TWA and the organizers of Carrera Ascenso Torre Colpatria ( Correcaminos Colombia ).

Invitation process for the Towerrunning Pan-American Championships will be run by the Towerrunning World Association. The qualification criteria for the invitations:

Towerrunning USA 2016 national champions ( male, female )
Towerrunning Mexico 2016 tour winners ( male , female )
SkyRise Chicago 2016, Willis Tower winners ( male, female )
TWA October 2016 ranking, 2 best runners from Pan-American region not qualified yet (male,female)
TWA / race organizer 2 wildcards ( male, female )

All invited runners will get 400 Euro travel reimbursement, 2 nights of accomodation including breakfast and free race entry.

Prize money for the top 5 male/female athletes:

1st place 1000 € - 2nd place 600 € - 3rd place 400 € - 4th place 300 € - 5th place 200 €

The Pan-American Championships are in the Towerruning 200 Race Category.

Non Pan-American athletes are also very welcome. The Towerrunning Pan-American Championships are a regular Towerrunning Tour event . Ranking points are awarded to all competitors. Cash prizes and invitations are exclusive privileges of Pan-American athletes.„ We are very glad to announce the launch of the first ever Towerrunning Pan-American Championships 2016. Carrera Ascenso Torre Colpatria has been widely recognized by both the athletes and the Towerrunning World Association since its launch in 2005. We are certain that all the organizational requirements are going to be met and the race will attract tausends of runners again. We are looking forward to a great competition in Bogota “ -says Daniel Cecetka, President of Towerrunning World Association.

July 26 -  Towerrunning Tour Calendar                      

All confirmed races until the end of the year are now listed. Stay tuned, at least two other big ones will follow ...

 60  July 31 -  Carrera Towerrunning Tlaxcala - Tlaxcala - MEX
 60  August 13 -  Kingkey 100 Run Up - Shenzhen - CHN
 80  September 10 - Olomouc Run Up - Olomouc - CZE  -  Czech Towerrunning Championships
 60  October 1 - Carrera Vertical Hotel Crowne - Acapulco - MEX
120 October 9 - LVM Skyrun Muenster - GER
 80  October 15 - Beh Do Neba Zilina -  Zilina - SVK - Slovakian Towerrunning Championships
 80 November 6 - SkyRise Chicago - Chicago - WFGT Towerrunning Challenge
 80 November 13 - Eureka Climb - Melbourne - AUS - Australian Championships - WFGT Towerrunning Challenge
160 November 20 - Swissotel Vertical Marathon - Singapore
200 Deember 8 - Ascenso Torre Colpatria - Bogota - Pan-American Towerrunning Championships

July 03 -  Video and Pictures Towerrunning 200 VBB     

Towerrunning 200 Vienna-Brno-Bratislava: Video

Donauturm Treppenlauf - Vienna Jun 17    - Pictures
AZ Tower Vertical Sprint - Brno Jun 18   - Pictures
UFO Vertical Sprint - Bratislava Jun 19   - Pictures

Victory Ceremony at UFO Jun 19 - Pictures

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June 25 -  Race report Towerrunning 200  Guangzhou      Video (click link on top)   Gallery

The first TWA Towerrunning 200 event in Asia this year was held in Guangzhou (China) on June 25th at the Wanda Plaza. It was also the first time in TWA history that just one week after a 200 race (Vienna-Brno-Bratislava) another one of the highest category was following. Therefore some of the athletes had the chance to revenge and to “correct” results. When it comes to Towerrunning in China one might think about super tall buildings. In the first ever international race organized by VMA (Vertical Marathon Alliance) this was not the case. The course data (41 floors, 916 steps and 150 vertical meters difference) clearly indicate a classical middle distance.

The women’s elite division was dominated for a third week in row (Frankfurt, Vienna-Brno-Bratislava and Guangzhou) by Suzy Walsham (AUS). The relative small gap to the male winner and the theoretical Top 10 result in the men’s field make clear that this performance was even for her a very special one. The series of victories in June will bring her back to leading position in the TWA World Ranking. A very strong team mate Alice McNamara forced Walsham to race at her best level. Always switching between rowing and stair running McNamara managed less than 2 month after her victory at the Taipei 101 another podium at a Towerrunning Tour event. The next ranking update will bring a huge jump forward to her. The fight for third place had a little dramatic element. The results table shows the well known local runner Fan Fengjuan just one second ahead of Czech athlete Zuzana Krchova. Krchova, Egle Uljas (EST) and Tomas Celko (SVK) missed their connection flight and arrived in Guangzhou just a few hours before race start. Maybe due to lack of sleep she studied the final meters of the race track not good enough and instead of turning right after entering the building’s roof  and sprinting to the finish line she took a left turn losing at least the before mentioned second.

In the men’s field for the third time in three weeks the three TWA top ranking athletes – Piotr Lobodzinski (POL), Christian Riedl (GER) and Tomas Celko – battled again for podium. After Riedl-Lobodzinski-Celko in Frankfurt and Celko-Lobodzinski-Riedl in Vienna/Brno/Bratislava there was another outcome this time. After the flight problems probably happy with the third place Celko could not come close to the winner’s. In this year’s ninth race against each other Lobodzinski was for the fifth time slightly faster than Riedl. Like in nearly all cases it was very close again – 1 second. Newcomer Zeng Wenbo ranked fourth proving that the Chinese athletes are closing the gap to the international elites. A surprisingly strong Görge Heimann (GER) secured fifth rank closely followed by the best local and other international runners.

With a sprint race for beginners, a Team competition and funny side events the young team from VMA showed a modern race concept. They are willing to organize even bigger events in the future. So be prepared – there is more to come.

June 20 -  Race report Towerrunning 200  Vienna Jun 17     Brno Jun 18   Bratislava Jun 19   Ceremony at UFO

The third instalment of the Towerrunning 200 Vienna-Brno-Bratislava event concluded in spectacular fashion on Sunday with Tomas Celko (SVK) clinching the biggest victory of his career and Suzy Walsham (AUS) defending her title.  More than 1,900 stairs were climbed over the three days of competition with the final placings calculated by the accumulation of points at each race according to the TWA factor 80 theme.

In the men’s category, course records were amazingly set at every race.  The 150m high Danube Tower (Donauturm) started well for TWA number one ranked Piotr Lobodzinski (POL), smashing his personal best and recording a new course record of 3:19.43, the first time 3:20 has been broken.  Second was European Champion Christian Riedl (GER) in 3:26.07, with Stefan Stefina (SVK) third in 3:31.81.  Celko had to settle for fourth with Tomas Macecek (CZK) in fifth.  These five would battle out the final positions over the following 2 days.  Eighteen hours later the athletes lined up again in Brno, and Celko stormed back into contention with a course record 2:54.02.  Riedl followed just over a second behind, turning the tables on a disappointed Lobodzinski who placed third, putting in jeopardy his chances for an overall win. The depth of the men’s competition was evident with less than three seconds separating the top 4 placings. After two days of competition, the overall champion would be determined by the result in the final up the UFO Tower in Bratislava, with Celko, Lobodzinski and Riedl all in contention.  As course record holder and having never been beaten at UFO Tower, Celko was under pressure. But he did not disappoint, recording yet another pers onal best and course record 1:44.28 to win the race and clinch overall victory with 214 points.  “I am so happy” smiled Celko, “I have been training very hard.  I was so motivated in Brno and today after a disappointing start in Vienna, and it is wonderful to win the overall title.”  Lobodzinski ran the race of his life again smashing his personal best and finishing within a second of Celko in 1:45.15, securing his overall second placing, just 6 points behind Celko on 208 points.  Although Stefina ran a very strong 1:46.10 to finish with 174 points overall, it was not enough to pass Riedl (184 points) in the final standings.  Macecek (150 points) completed the men’s top 5 positions.

In the women’s event, Walsham was keen to defend her title and gain valuable rankings points, while current TWA number one, Lenka Svabikova (CZK) would be pushing her all the way.  In Vienna, Walsham scored a strong victory, running a personal best 4:26.63 to finish more than thirty seconds clear of Svabikova in 4:58.30.  Zuzana Krchova (CZK) closely followed in 5:01.29, with Sandrina Illes (AUT) fourth in 5:03.14.  In the shorter Brno AZ Tower, Walsham again scored the full eighty points with a swift 3:38.43, while the remaining podium positions replicated the previous day with Svabikova finishing second in 3:51.64 and Krchova third in 3:55.44.  Walsham headed into the final day with a commanding lead. In the final challenging UFO Tower, Walsham completed the hat-trick of wins to take the overall title with 230 points.  “I am very happy to come back to Europe and win these races” said Walsham, “I find the shorter buildings tough so I have worked on it a little over the past month so I was happy with my performances.”  Svabikova again placed second to secure an overall second place with 194 points, and Krchova third with 164 points.  The top five were rounded out by Kamila Chomanicova (SVK) with 152 points and Egle Ujas (EST) with 122 points.

June 18 -  Towerrunning 200  Vienna Jun 17     Brno Jun 18   Bratislava Jun 19   

Intermediate standings after 2 days: Females - Males

In this event the number three plays a significant role in many ways; on the female side the podium was exactly the same in Vienna and in Brno, so the situation is very clear and we can expect a final podium with a convincing Suzy  Walsham on top, flanked by the two Czech Ladies Lenka Svabikova on 2nd and Zuzana Krchova on 3rd. Kamila Chovanicova (SVK) is solid 4th and Estonian Egle Uljas on 5th place. Three Ladies challenge for 6th place: Veronika Sengstbratl (AUT), Jasmina Klancnik (SLO) and Tuende Popovics (HUN).

On the mens side we have three athletes within a mere 6 points, which practically means, that whoever of these three wins at UFO, is overall champion too.  Danube Tower winner Piotr Lobodzinski (POL), two time runner up Christian Riedl (GER) and AZ Tower winner Tomas Celko (SVK) will battle it out on Sunday at UFO, Celko´s homerace. Intermediate 4th Stefan Stefina (SVK) has only theoretical chances, Tomas Macecek (CZE) is solid 5th followed by Frank Nicolas Carreno (COL), Martin Tomica (CZE) and Matjaz Miklosa (SLO). Exciting will be chase for top 10 final placement, before the Bratislava race we have 5 athletes all divided by only one point !

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