October 30 - Window of Canton – Guangzhou IVM Series 

On the final weekend of October, the first Elite Championship of Asian-Oceanian Vertical Marathon Association in 2016 came to a successful ending. Window of Canton, the iconic building in Guangzhou, witnessed hundreds of athletes climbing up to the top  As gentle as a breeze the weather couldn't be better for an autumn race. On this bright afternoon of October 30, over 400 athletes from all over the world participated in the elite race conquering after a prerun the 1129 steps up the 43-floor and 208-meter high skyscraper.

As for the women's group, Cindy Reid claimed the throne once again. The Hongkong living Australian business lady and fitness instructor won the race with a time of 8:07. The two other international athletes Egle Uljas, former Estonian Olympian, now piano artist, and Italian Towerrunning legend Cristina Bonacina won the second and third place with times of 8:25 and 8:53 respectively.

In the men's race, Italian racer Fabio Ruga won the first prize by a very slim advantage over the second-placed Kaiyu Fu (CHN). Their final results in the official list both were 6'01, with Fabio Ruga (6:01,13) a bit faster than Kaiyu Fu (6:01,77). Completing the podium as 3rd was local star Jiajing Ou in 6'08. Richard Sirrs (GBR, 6:26) and Ralf Hascher (GER, 6:32) placed 4th and 5th.

October 28 - Announcement Towerrunning Tour Final 2016 – Shenzhen (CHN) on Jan 14, 2017   

 TWA is proud to announce the first Towerrunning Tour Final since the new race categories came into life. On Saturday, January 14, 2017  the Towerrunning Tour Final 2016 will be staged at the amazing PingAn Finance Center in Shenzhen. PingAn FC is a brand new super tall building with a height of 593 meters. The runners will climb 117 floors and 555 meters, which means the Tour Final will be the first race ever surpassing the magical 500 meters. No doubt that everyone will enjoy the journey!!!

Invitation process for the Towerrunning Tour Final 2016 will be run by the Towerrunning World Association. The 16 invitations will be awarded to the TOP 8 athletes in the TWA November 2016 ranking ( male / female ). If some of the invitated runners decline their invitation, the invitation will go to the next runner according to the TWA November 2016 ranking.

All invited runners will get 400 Euro travel reimbursement, 2 nights of accomodation including breakfast and free race entry. Prize money for the TOP 6 male / female athletes:
1st place 2500 Euro / 2nd place 1500 Euro / 3rd place 1000 Euro
4th place 750 Euro / 5th place 500 Euro / 6th place – 250 Euro

 The Towerrunning Tour Final 2016 is in the Towerruning 200 Race Category. The Towerrunning Tour Final 2016 is a regular Towerrunning Tour event and will be the last race considered for the TWA December 2016 ranking. Ranking points are awarded to all competitors.

All TWA registered athletes can take part in the Tour Final race and will get a free race entry and a spot in the Elite category. All interested not invited athletes can apply from November 14 until November 23, 10pm Central European Time by emailing and

Ranking as of September 2016 

October 15  -  Race Report Opel Autotip Beh Do Neba -  Zilina - Eurohomestar  
The Beh Do Neba up the Eurohomestar (Previously called Amfiteater) in Zilina is the traditional final race of the Slovakian Towerrunning season. It is the "other child" of world class athlete Tomas Celko and at the 8th edition national and international elite athletes came to his hometown Zilina. Like last year the race also functions as national Towerrunning Championships and the 2016 event additionally marks the eighth and last race of the inaugural Czech-Slovak Towerrunning Series. 

In the male race Stefan Stefina proved his current excellent shape and only six days after Muenster climbed again on the top of a Towerrunning Tour race podium. His time of 1:31,97 was nearly 4 seconds faster than the 1:35,67 of Czech Martin Tomica, whose excellent recent results  make him a candidate for the Top10 in the ranking. Third place went to Lubomir Calpas (SVK-1:39,22), best nonpodium athlete was Mateusz Marinowski from Poland. Despite all his organizational duties Tomas Celko found time to race himself and was 0,68 sec faster than an old buddy of many races in the last 10 years, Pavel Holec from the Czech Republic.

Looking at the female result you notice some similarities to the men´s. We have the same champion as in Muenster and the difference to the runner up is nearly the same ! In her chase for climbing number 1 position in the ranking again, Lenka Svabikova (CZE) was fastest on top in 2:03,32. Kamila Chovanicova (SVK-2:07,39).  improved her winning time of last year by two seconds, but had to be content with the runner up spot. On the podium again and like in Muenster on 3rd place Egle Uljas from Estonia secured her recently reached Top10 ranking.

The team competition (one female and two males) was easily won by Towerrunning Slovakia. Regarding the Nationals Kamila Chomanicova and Stefan Stefina defended their titles and can call themselves Slovakian Towerrunning Champion 2016 too. For information about the final results of the Czech-Slovak series pleas look at .

October 9  -  Race Report LVM Skyrun -  Münster - LVM Tower     Pressemitteilung(german)  Gallery
The 3rd edition of this highest-factored German race of the Towerrunning Tour saw a new participants record with more than 350 athletes. The "LVM-Skyrun" has a unique race format: After a time trial qualification round, the fastest 128 male and 64 female runners enter the knock-out rounds – duels with automatic elimination until the final race, where the winner takes it all.  The race is physically and mentally challenging – runners contend with multiple rounds, one-on-one racing with 3 second differnce start, the threat of knock-out and not knowing who their next opponent will be.

Not less than five of the ranking´s current Top7 male athletes contended for the title. After 6 strenuous rounds not unexpectedly Tomas Macecek, Martin Tomica (both CZE), Stefan Stefina (SVK) and Christian Riedl from Germany reached the semifinals.  At his 3rd try in Muenster the best German Towerrunner, whose strenght is in longer distances, finally made the podium with an easy win in the small final. More exciting was the big final and like last year Czech Tomas Macecek had to be content with the runner up position. 1:21,9 in his 8th climb of the day were  just  0,2 seconds too slow to win the race. Stefan Stefina from Slovakia celebrated the first win in a Towerrunning Tour race in his career.

The female race was a world class competition too. 4 Top10 athletes stood in Muenster against the domestic elite. In the end no Germans reached the semifinals, the Muenster local Anita Pawlak lost narrowly in the quarterfinals to Lenka Svabikova and placed 5th before Jasmina Klancnik (SLO). Estonian Olympian Egle Uljas won the race for 3rd place against Kamila Chovanicova (SVK). In the final we saw the repeat of last year between the two Czech athletes Lenka Svabikova and Zuzana Krchova - with the same outcome. In 1:42,1 exactly 5 seconds faster than her countrywoman Lenka Svabikova took the title the for the third time ! The Queen of Muenster was pleased. "The run is mine and I love the Ko.-Mode here."

LVM Skyrun was the final race of the German Towerrunning Cup too. With maximum points Christian Riedl won this title before Ralf Hasche and Jan Fiebig. In a very tight decision Sylvia Jacobs (352points) defended the Cup before youngster Helen Hemmling (343) and Anna Lena Böckel (334). Other races within the Skyrun were the Firefighter competition over 6 rounds, a kids race and a school cup, where the best 10 pupils added one point to the score of their school with every round they survived. Organizer Stefan Spiekermann and his team for the third time did an excellent job and have provided a full day of excitement for athletes and spectators.

October 5 - Announcement of Towerrunning 120 – Guangzhou IVM Series on Oct 30 

TWA is proud to announce the first 120 race of Towerrunning Tour on Asian soil this year. On Sunday, October 30, 2016  the International Vertical Marathon 2016 race will be staged at the amazing Window of Canton building. Window of Canton is a new iconic building with a height of 208 meters. The runners will climb 43 floors and 1129 stairs to the building observation deck. It will be the second Towerrunning Tour race in China this year.

There will be 2 000 Euro in prize money waiting for the best runners. Prize money will be distributed to male and female winners as follows:
1st – 500 Euro, 2nd – 300 Euro, 3rd – 200 Euro

The race organizer and the TWA are pleased to offer travel packages for 4 athletes comprising 300 Euro travel reimbursement and 2 nights of accommodation including breakfast. Two of these packages will be awarded to TOP 20 ranked TWA registered athletes using the official TWA Elite application system. Two packages will be raffled among applicants ranked TOP 50 in the October 2016 ranking update. Interested athletes can apply from October 5 until October 9, 2016, 10 pm CET by emailing and

September 22 - Announcement of Towerrunning 160 – Swissotel Vertical Marathon on Nov 20 

Singapore will host its first ever Towerrunning 160 race on Sunday 20 November 2016. The 2016 Swissotel Vertical Marathon is the 29th edition of the event, making it Asia’s oldest stair race and one of the oldest in the world. The race is held up Swissotel The Stamford Hotel, which with 226m  is one of the tallest hotels in in South East Asia.  More than 2,000 runners are expected to scale the 1,336 stairs up to the 73rd story rooftop helipad, where they will be greeted with amazing 360 degree views of the city state.  Almost 3000 Euro in prize money is waiting for the 3 best male and female athletes  as well as sponsor gifts.

The Swissotel Vertical Marathon is pleased to announce travel packages for 6 international athletes comprising 400 Euro travel reimbursement and 2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast. An additional 4 travel packages comprising 1 night accommodation with breakfast will be provided to athletes from Asia.  Travel packages will be awarded to TWA-registered athletes with a Top 30 ranking according to the August 2016 TWA rankings and using the official TWA elite application system. Interested athletes can apply from 23 September until 2 October, 2016 at 10pm Central Europe Time by emailing and .
The event website is at

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