December 8 - Top5 – Ascenso Torre Colpatria - Bogota 
1st Pan-American Towerrunning Championships

1 Liliana Moreno (COL) 6:19,87
2 Ginary Camargo (COL) 6:41,88
3 Angie Orjuela (COL) 6:49,57
4 Martha Ronceria (COL) 6:57,95
5 Nidia Jasmin Vargas Sosa (COL) 7:25,65

1 Frank Nicolas Carreño (COL) 5:03,61
2 Nicolas Herrera (COL) 5:09,23
3 Oscar Moreno (COL) 5:31,54
4 Alexis Trujillo (MEX) 5:39,42
5 Franklin Sainz (COL) 5:48,74

November 20 - Race Report – Swissotel Vertical Marathon - Swissotel The Stamford 

More than 2,200 runners lined up on Sunday to compete in Asia’s pioneering stair race, the Swissotel Vertical Marathon, climbing 73 floors, 1,336 steps and 226m to the helipad of the Swissotel The Stamford Hotel.  The Towerrunning 160 Tour race attracted many of the world’s top stair runners, but it was Towerrunning World Association ranking leaders Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) and Suzy Walsham (AUS) who came out victorious, defending their titles from 2015.

While the Sunrise Team Challenge started at 6:30am, it was another two hours before the elites set off individually in intervals of ten seconds, running the short distance to the staircase before starting their ascent.  The men’s race was hotly contested with four of the world’s top five men competing, but Lobodzinski proved too strong, winning in a strong 6:55 to break seven minutes for the first time.  “I am very happy with my race today and to get a personal best time after racing here in 2013 and 2015.  It was great to defend my title” said Lobodzinski.  Italy’s Emanuele Manzi also did a personal best time to finish second in 7:14, while Czech Republic’s Tomas Macecek finished third in 7:25.  Christian Riedl (GER) was expected to dual with Lobodzinski, but after struggling with illness all week ran a gallant fourth in 7:29.

In the women’s race, it was a sentimental win for Walsham, who started her stellar stair climbing career at this race back in 2006.  She has won every Women’s Open category since, and while not a course record this time, her time was still an impressive 8:04, almost thirty seconds faster than her first attempt ten years ago.  “This race holds many special memories for me and was the inspiration for me to start stair racing.  I was thrilled to win again and was happy with my race.  I can’t believe I have now been doing this for ten years!” smiled Walsham.  Singapore-based Belgium Vanja Cnops continued her consistent performance at the event and placed second overall in 9:23, while Zuzana Krchova (CZE) came in third in 9:37.

The Towerrunning Tour tour now looks forward to the inaugural Pan-American Championships in Bogota, Colombia on December 8, followed by the 2016 Tour Final in Shenzhen on January 14, 2017.


November 20 - Top 6 – Swissotel Vertical Marathon - Swissotel The Stamford 

1 - Suzanne Walsham (AUS) 8:04
2 - Vanja Cnops (BEL) 9:23
3 - Zuzana Krchova (CZE) 9:37
4 - Maire Nic Amhlaoibh (IRL) 9:55
5 - Cindy Reid (AUS) 10:05
6 - Cristina Bonacina (ITA) 10:24

1 - Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 6:55
2 - Emanuele Manzi (ITA) 7:14
3 - Tomas Macecek (CZE) 7:25
4 - Christian Riedl (GER) 7:29
5 - Görge Heimann (GER) 7:32
6 - Su Hsin Kai (TPE) 7:59

November 16 - Announcement of Towerrunning Exhibition Race - Abu Dhabi Jan 27, 2017 

TWA is proud to announce the first Towerrunning Exhibition race of 2017. On Friday, January 27, 2017 the Climb to Abu Dhabi will be staged at the stunning Etihad Towers. The race itself will take place in Tower 2 with a height of 305 meters. The runners will climb 82 floors and 1 617 stairs. The race is organized by our partner Sport360. Sport360 is the leading sports information and news provider in Middle East & North Africa.

Invitation process for the Towerrunning Exhibition race will be run by the Towerrunning World Association. Invitations will be awarded to the TOP 50 athletes in the TWA November 2016 ranking ( male / female ). There is no limited number of invitations, so everybody can go.

All invited runners will get 2 nights of accomodation ( two in a room ) including breakfast and free race entry. If somebody wants to stay longer there will be a special room rate of 200 USD per night for additional nights.

Prize money for the TOP 10 male /  TOP 5 female athletes:

1st place - 3250 USD / 2nd place - 2250 USD / 3rd place - 1250  USD
4th place - 750 USD / 5th place - 600 USD

6th place – 500 USD / 7th place – 450 USD / 8th place – 350 USD / 9th place – 300 USD / 10th place – 200 USD

Towerrunning Exhibition race does not belong to any Towerrunnning Tour Race Category, that means Ranking points will be not awarded.

All TWA registered athletes ranked TOP 50 in the TWA November 2016 ranking ( male / female ) can take part in this Exhibition race.
 All interested athletes can apply from November 16 until November 30, 10pm Central European Time by emailing and

Official Press Release  Press Release with Picture (© Chris Whiteoak)

November 9 - Qualification Criteria - Asian&Oceanian Championships - Taipei on May 7, 2017 

The second Towerrunning Asian&Oceanian Championships will take place on May 7th, 2017 in Taipei, Taipei 101 ( Taipei 101 Run Up ). Qualification criteria for the invitations:

Eureka Climb 2016, Melbourne, winners  (m/f)
Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2016, Singapore, 2 best runners from Asian&Oceanian region not qualified yet (m/f)
Towerrunning Tour Final 2016, Shenzhen, 2 best runners from Asian&Oceanian region not qualified yet (m/f)
TWA February 2017 ranking, 2 best runners from China not qualified yet (m/f)
TWA / race organizer - 2 wildcards (m/f).

All invited runners will get 400 Euro travel reimbursement, 2 nights of accomodation including breakfast and free race entry.Prize money for the top 5 male/female athletes: 1st place 1500 € - 2nd place 1250 € - 3rd place 1000 € - 4th place 750 € - 5th place 500 €.
The Asian&Oceanian Championships are in the Towerruning 200 Race Category. Non Asian&Oceanian athletes are also very welcome. The Towerrunning Asian&Oceanian Championships are a regular Towerrunning Tour event . Ranking points are awarded to all competitors. Cash prizes and invitations are exclusive privileges of Asian&Oceanian athletes.

November 6 - Race Report - SkyRise Chicago  - Willis Tower  

It is an icon in skyscraper history. It was the tallest building in the world for more than 20 years (1974-1998), It still is the highest building in Chicago, the “Windy City” on Lake Michigan, where our modern era high rise buildings were invented. It is the Willis Tower – formerly known as and still called by many Sears Tower. It still is the highest stair climbing race venue in the Western hemisphere. The finish is located 412m above ground in at the Skydeck on the 103rd floor and  2115 stairs  had to be climbed by the nearly 2200 participants. Looking back in Towerrunning history from 2002 to 2008 the event was called Go Vertical Chicago and conducted by the Damon Runyon Cancer Foundation.Since the buildings name change to Willis in 2009 (name rights are valid for 15 years) the responsible organization behind is the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and therefore on November 6th there was the 8th edition of the now called SkyRise Chicago.

Besides attracting a great number of US Towerrunners the SkyRise starting list usually is complimented by international elite athletes too. Within the last years the race has nearly become a mandatory date for the national stair community and many athletes from East and West Coast travel to Chicago. Since last year the race is part of the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge too and there exists an agreement, which offers free slots for TWA registered athletes and allows Towerrunning USA to organize a “race within the race” early morning starting at 7:00. Part of the deal is a short victory ceremony at the Skydeck immediately after these first wave racers have made it to the top.

The most impressive performance of the day came from Cindy Harris, adding another victory to her very long list, and definitely a special one. In a time of 14:56 she made it win No. 11 on Sears/Willis and she is now the only record holder !  Her old mark of 14:57 (2011) she had to share since 2012 with Kristin Renshaw(Frey). Like last year Runner up was Stephanie Hucko with a time of 17:00. The third podium spot went to Sherri Breese (17:29) making a successful comeback after giving birth to a son. Fastest male was Frank Nicolas Carreno.  The Colombian like some others came directly from another race in Boston the day before and proved untouchable. Though he missed the course record set by Sproule Love  in 2011 by 7 seconds, his 13:10 brought him clear victory.  Runner up was Alex Workman,  Mr. President himself, with 14:20, third Matjaz Miklosa from Slovenia in 14:35. Strong 4th with personal record was Jason Larson. 5th place went to a very promising young athlete, Robert Liking and on 6th there was a well known name from Florida, Dr. Thomas Scott. The SkyRise Champions 2016 are in good shape and look forward for the inaugural Pan-American Championships just one month away in Bogota.

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