September 14:  Announcement Towerrunning 120  - October 21 - Chongqing - WFC 

TWA is proud to announce the first Towerrunning 120 race in China this year. 2018 China Railway Construction International Vertical Marathon Open Chongqing Station will be staged at the WFC Chongqing on Sunday, October 21st. The runners will climb over 300 vertical meter. Exactly 73 floors and 2 040 stairs ! This race is very important on the road to Towerrunning Tour Final 2018 giving the athletes last chance to collect points before the qualification deadline on October 31. There will be 1 800 Euro in prize money waiting for the best runners. Prize money will be distributed to male and female winners as follows
: 1st – 400 Euro, 2nd – 300 Euro, 3rd –  200 Euro

The race organizer  and the TWA are pleased to offer travel packages for 4 athletes comprising 300 Euro travel reimbursement and 2 nights of accommodation including breakfast. The travel packages will be awarded to TOP 30 ranked applicants in August 2018 ranking update using the official TWA elite application system. Interested athletes can apply from Friday, September 14 until Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 10pm CET by emailing and . The selected athletes will get the 300 Euro travel reimbursement in advance from TWA once they finally confirm their participation.

September 8 -  Race Report Part 1:  BB160 - AZ Tower Brno - UFO Bratislava

 This year's event would see two races in two countries on the same day. Due to building works at Vienna's Donauturm meaning a race couldn't be held there this year, the scene was set for a twin race format with equal points awarded across both races with the overall winner to be decided on a combined points total basis. A dual duel if you will!  

The TWA runners had as usual converged from all corners of the globe to compete - a total of 14 different nationalities would be represented  from Australia, Austria, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and USA.  As is the norm for a high-ranking tour event, a quality field was on show - half of the ladies Top10 were in attendance and no less than six of the men  Top10. Winners of both of the last two events were Australian World Champion Suzy Walsham and Slovaki's Tomas Celko. Could either of them continue their winning streak this time around? Would the absence of the Donauturm race, therefore favouring the sprint specialists more than in previous years, upset the form book? It was time to find out...  

First up would be the AZ Tower in Brno, the tallest building in the Czech Republic standing at 111m high; the race would be 700 steps over 30 floors. The left-turning staircase inside the main building has smaller steps than is typical elsewhere so some runners will three-step where they can. However, once outside onto the roof of the building there are some energy-sapping steep metal staircases to negotiate before the finish line  definitely no three-stepping here!  

The TWA tour coach left the race hotel bright and early  on Saturday morning  headed for Brno. Race time was 10:00   hours.  It was ladies first, with start order being determined by current world ranking in reverse order.  Veronika Windisch was the first runner to stop the clock in under 4 minutes in a time of 3:58.83. This remained the fastest time until just the top two ranked women were left to cross the line. Zuzana Krchova took 15 seconds out of Veronika's time briefly going quickest in 3:43.59 before Suzy Walsham went quicker again in 3:39.36 to take a comfortable win.  

On the me's side of things were about to get interesting...   Tomas Celko set the early pace clocking 3:05.78 although this was a below par performance from him as he had been ill earlier in the week. Martin Tomica then set a new personal best of 3:02.82 to top the timesheets but with four runners still on the course. Next across the line was sprint specialist Stefan Stefina but he was an agonising one hundredth of a second behind Tomas'  time. Colombia's Frank Carreno was two seconds off the pace so with only two runners left, Martin was still leading.. Next to finish was World Champion Piotr Lobodzinski - he was close but not close enough;  0,3s behind Martin in 3:03.13. As new world ranked #1 it was only Germany's Christian Riedl left to finish. As the results screen refreshed the times, Martin's hopes were dashed and Christian was confirmed as race #1 winner with the only sub3 performance in a time of 2:58.39.            DH

September 8 -  Race Report Part 2:  BB160 - AZ Tower Brno - UFO Bratislava

Following the prize giving for the Open race category and the obligatory TWA team photo, it was back on the tour bus bound for Bratislava and lunch at the beach!  Following lunch some of the runners retired to the race hotel for some rest prior to that evening's UFO Tower race that would decide overall positions. It is worth noting here that should points be tied after both races, the UFO result would take precedence in deciding matters.Race time was  18:00 hours with start order this time determined by finishing positions from the earlier AZ Tower race. Once again it would be ladies first with the fastest runners from Brno departing last. Although a shorter building, the UFO Tower provides a more technical challenge as the runners ascend 430 steps up the steep, slanting staircase inside one of the columns of the tower over 23 floors before finishing on the roof.

First to break the three-minute barrier was Veronika Windisch in a time of 2:39.56. Newly married Iwona Wicha from Poland (huge congratulations to both Iwona and Piotr!) narrowly missed out on breaking 3min by just under a second. Slovakiai's Kamila Chomanicova got within seven seconds of Veronika clocking 2:46.02.Once again however, it would be the last two runners, as per the earlier AZ Tower race, who would take the two top spots. Could Zuzana beat Suzy at one of the few towers that the Aussie athlete has a small chink in her armour? If she could, then points would be equal but Zuzana would be victorious; we were now only seconds away from finding out... Zuzana, although going fastest so far, could only manage 2:38.18, down on her 2017 time of 2:29.22. Suzy crossed the line and had made up almost 6.5 seconds on the 30-second stagger to take the win in 2:31.69. The top three podium positions were therefore a repeat of the 2017 edition, with the remarkable Suzy taking yet another title, Zuzana as runner-up and Veronika in 3rd.Iwona took 4th spot with Kamila rounding off the Top5 following a strong performance in the UFO race.  Suzy continues to set the standard which the other female athletes aspire to and shows no sign of losing that hunger to win anytime soon! She is also generous with advice to both experienced competitors and newcomers to the sport - a true role model and a champion.  

With the ladies' race done, it was time for the guys to race. The unexpected results from the earlier AZ Tower race meant that the overall winner was far from being a foregone conclusion. The first sub2  time came from Slovakia's Michal Kovac (again, a newly married towerrunner; congratulations to both Andrea and Michal!). Next to top the timesheets was Austria's Christof Grossegger, a sprint specialist and a first-time entrant at this event, in 1:53.22. This remained the fastest time until local favourite Tomas Celko stopped the clock in 1:50.47. Neither Frank or Piotr could get close enough to his time, so Martin would be the next runner to try and beat Tomas' time. Martin went close, just 0,3s  slower in 1:50.81, but importantly was now leading the overall standings with only Christian left to finish. Christian had never previously won this event and now just needed 3rd place to overhaul Martin in the standings and take the overall victory. Could he do it? As he crossed the line, the gathered throng of male runners huddled around the timing screen with bated breath the results updated, but Christian had only managed 6th place in a time of 1:55.17 a fraction over two seconds from taking the 3rd  place he needed. 

Once rapid mental calculations of the finishing order had been done, it dawned on Martin he was the overall champion. To say he was happy would be an understatement! This was without doubt the biggest victory of his towerrunning career and a fantastic achievement - gratulujem! Tomas¡ had leap-frogged into the runners-up spot with race one winner Christian having to be content with the final place on the podium. Piotr finished just four points behind in 4th place. Piotr himself said he couldn't remember the last time he not finished on the podium! This is both testament to Piotr's fantastic record since entering the sport, but also the increasing strength in depth now on the scene. Christof Grossegger took a well-deserved 5th  place, equal on points with Frank but beating him in the standings due to his superior UFO race position.  DH

September 8 -  Top 5 & PIctures  BB160 - AZ Tower Brno - UFO Bratislava

  1. Suzy Walsham (AUS) – 137 points

  2. Zuzana Krchova (CZE) – 113 points

  3. Veronika Windisch (AUT) – 97 points

  4. Iwona Wicha (POL) – 79 points

  5. Kamila Chomanicova (SVK) – 75 points

  1. Martin Tomica (CZE) – 136 points

  2. Tomáš Celko (SVK) – 128 points

  3. Christian Riedl (GER) – 124 points

  4. Piotr Łobodziński (POL) – 120 points

  5. Christof Großegger (AUT) – 87 points

    Official pictures can be downloaded from…/c244772dd2ed7ace89e86b8ca0a…/a62071

September 3 -  Announcement for LVM Skyrun Muenster on Oct 14

The sprint specialists will be out in force as Münster hosts the Towerrunning 120 race on Sunday, October 14, 2018.  At only 18 floors and 360 stairs, the tower is one of the shortest in the Towerrunning Tour, but the unique race format of LVM Skyrun Muenster is deceptively tough, requiring runners to complete a qualification round followed by a series of knock-out heats, each time completing a full ascension of the Tower. The Top 3 male and female runners will each share in a prize pool of 900 Euro.

TWA and LVM Skyrun Münster are pleased to announce travel packages for 8 athletes comprising travel reimbursement of 150 Euro and 1 night accommodation including breakfast. Travel packages will be awarded to TWA-registered athletes with a Top 30 ranking according to the August 2018 TWA  ranking update.  Interested athletes can apply from September 3 until Sep 10, 2018, 10 pm Central European Time by
emailing and .

July 8:  Announcement Towerrunning Tour Final 2018  - November 25 - Shanghai - Shanghai Tower          

TWA is proud to announce the second Towerrunning Tour Final since the new Race categories came into life. On Sunday, November 25, 2018 the Towerrunning Tour Final 2018 will be staged at the amazing Shanghai Tower..It is the second tallest building in the world with a height of 632 meters. The runners will climb exactly 119 floors, 3398 stairs and 552 meters !!!
TWA has signed a three year contract with the Shanghai Tower management to host the Final at the second tallest building in the world until 2020. That means the Towerrunning Tour will finish in November and the year end TWA ranking will be the November one. The 2019 Towerrunning Tour will start in December 2018 and finish with Towerrunning Tour Final 2019 in November 2019.

Invitation process for the Towerrunning Tour Final 2018 will be run by the Towerrunning World Association. The 16 invitations will be awarded to the TOP 8 athletes in the TWA October 2018 ranking ( male / female ). If some of the invitated runners decline their invitation, they will go to the next runner according to October ranking.

All invited runners will get 600 Euro travel reimbursement, 2 nights of accomodation including breakfast and free race entry.

Prize money for the TOP 6 male / female athletes:
1st place 2300 Euro / 2nd place 1800 Eur / 3rd place 1300 Euro /
4th place 800 Euro / 5th place 500 Euro / 6th place – 300 Euro

The Towerrunning Tour Final 2018 is in the Towerruning 200 Race Category. The Towerrunning Tour Final 2018 is a regular Towerrunning Tour event and will be the last race considered for the TWA 2018 ranking. Note, that the Changsha (Final 2017)  points will be removed then. Ranking points are awarded to all competitors. All TWA registered athletes can take part in the Tour Final race and will get a free race entry and a spot in the Elite category. More information will follow closer to the race date.

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